Aurora MedTech Co., Ltd. is a service importer and distributor of medical devices from the leading international medical device manufacturers. We have a sales and installation team with after-sales service to ensure the selection of services from healthcare professional and hospitals, both public and private. We are new generation who has studied the needs of healthcare professional of all ages in order to find the optimized service and thoroughly impressed with the service. We promise to bring good products and service through the quality and modern tools to serve you wholeheartedly.

Aurora MedTech Co., Ltd. was founded since 30 November 2011, starting with small jobs such as the contractor in general hospitals in the northeast region. Later we have the idea of ​​expanding the company's revenues to cover the entire of Thailand therefore we do direct import and cooperate and standardized brand from 2015 by focusing on the devices and equipment in the operating room then we’ve expanded by start the project of a modern operating room system or modular OR, also known as a clean room system and imported the obstetrics and Neonatal equipment, as well as surgical and diagnostic line such as Laparoscopic surgery unit and an ultrasound machine. The company performance has a jump growth with continuous revenues increasing over 100% annually.
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